IndexPro for Confluence



IndexPro for Confluence is a powerful tool designed to enhance your Confluence experience by providing efficient navigation and organization within your spaces. With three intuitive macros, IndexPro streamlines content management, making it easier than ever to find, organize, and explore information within your Confluence environment.

Highly Customizable Indexing:

IndexPro offers unparalleled customization options, allowing you to tailor your indexes to suit your specific needs. Choose between one, two, or three columns for your index layout. Select which index tabs to include, such as A-Z index, created date, modified date, creators, and last editors. You also have the flexibility to create indexes based on specific pages or spaces, providing you with ultimate control over how your content is organized and presented.


  1. Space Page Index Macro: Generate a comprehensive index of all pages within a Confluence space. Easily navigate through the content hierarchy and locate specific pages with ease.

  2. Space Label Index Macro: Filter pages within a space based on specific labels. Quickly gather and display pages that are categorized under certain topics or themes, improving accessibility and content discovery.

  3. Page Children Index Macro: Show all descendants associated with a parent page, including both direct children and further subpages. Effortlessly visualize all descendants without needing to navigate away from your current location, simplifying the process of creating an overview of content relevant to your specific subject.


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