Introduction of Index Tabs

Introduction of Index Tabs

Each macro offers 5 different tabs that shows the content in diffrent ways. Read presentation of each below.


A-Z index

The A-Z index, a core feature of the macros, provides a quick and intuitive way to navigate through content alphabetically. Users can effortlessly browse through pages arranged in alphabetical order, making it easy to locate specific information within Confluence spaces.

Applies to Space Page Index Macro & Page Children Index Macro
Applies to Space Label Index Macro


Created date

The Created Date index presents pages in a vertical timeline based on their creation dates. This visually intuitive display allows users to trace the evolution of content over time, providing valuable context and insights into the development of a Confluence space. With a glance, users can identify when specific pages were added, facilitating historical exploration and chronological organization of information.



Modified date

The Modified Date index showcases pages in a vertical timeline based on their last modification dates. This insightful presentation enables users to track the latest updates made to content within a Confluence space. By visualizing pages in chronological order of their last modifications, users can easily identify recent changes and monitor the evolution of information over time. This index empowers users to stay informed and engaged with dynamic content, facilitating efficient collaboration and content management within Confluence.




The Creators Index offers a comprehensive view of pages organized by their respective creators. This index provides users with valuable insight into content ownership and authorship within a Confluence space. By grouping pages according to their creators, users can quickly identify and access content associated with specific contributors. This not only fosters accountability and recognition but also streamlines collaboration by facilitating communication and coordination among creators.



Last editors

The Last Editors Index offers users a clear overview of pages organized by their most recent editors. This index provides valuable insight into the latest contributors to each page within a Confluence space. By grouping pages according to their last editors, users can easily identify and access content that has recently undergone revisions or updates. This fosters collaboration and accountability within teams, as it allows users to stay informed about the latest changes made to content.